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Project Management, Residential Development:


Project Management, Residential Development:




Project Management, Residential Development:

We will manage your project from its current condition through permitting to the point of foundation by filling out all jurisdiction required paperwork, submitting for permits as well as providing critical guidance and contractor bids for any required jurisdiction application reports and site development work. Then upon selection and payment to your contractors we will monitor with you and report your projects site development progress to you as well as your building partner.

Milestones Include:

Survey, Engineering & Design, Critical Areas Determination, and Permitting.

*Fee is non-refundable, product use expires 12 months from initial deposit.
**Estimated Product Deliver-ability Time frame:  6-24 Months, Dependent of Jurisdiction & 3rd Party Schedules.
*** Not a Guarantee of Permit.


Terms & Conditions

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